Victor Tsaran to Speak at TEDx Silicon Valley

TEDxSV is excited to announce  Victor Tsaran to preform and speak at TEDx Silicon Valley!

Victor will be speaking about his journey from making brushes to making music and playing with computers. Oftentimes, when we talk about innovation and social change, we rarely include or consider the needs of certain large segments of the society, e.g. people with disabilities, of whom there are approximately 650 millions around the world. While we do believe in numbers and readily trust statistics to justify our business decisions, we just as readily close our eyes to the opportunities presented by this unexplored audience of contemporary and demanding consumers.

Victor is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He grew up in a Ukrainian orphanage and is now a talented computer engineer in the U.S. He’s an accomplished musician and songwriter. And he also happens to be blind. Victor runs Yahoo!’s accessibility program and he made it his mission to educate our designers and engineers, helping change their assumptions that accessibility somehow requires sacrifice or compromise.

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