Features and Release dates

The TED Open Translation Project is a work-in-progress, based on an ongoing development roadmap, which will be strongly informed by ideas and input from viewers and translators.

Version 1.0 (release date: May 2009)

The initial launch incorporates:

  • Subtitles on every talk (available in English and any translated language)
  • Interactive transcript (available in English and any translated language)
  • Language-specific index pages featuring all the talks translated in that language
  • Translations for headlines and talk descriptions
  • The Translator Dashboard, allowing a bird’s-eye view on talks available for translation or review
  • My Translations: a personalized page within each translator’s member profiles that shows the translations to which a translator has contributed
  • Ability to sync user accounts between TED and dotSUB, allowing seamless transfer of data for translators

Version 1.1

Follow-on features will include:

  • Downloadable MP4s with subtitles, allowing users to download a video with a subtitle track in place
  • RSS feeds (podcasts) for individual languages, so viewers can subscribe to TEDTalks available in a particular language, and receive newly translated videos as they’re made available
  • Open comments on each translation, allowing for community input on accuracy and vocabulary

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